Friday, November 16, 2007


A little history first... McKay has this group of friends that he has known and grown up with his whole life. There are too many details to explain how they came to be the self-titled "Lake Boys" (A whole story in and of itself.) but that is what I have known them as since Mac and I were married. They are all amazing and all bring something different to the crowd. They are totally the type of friends that no matter how long they have been apart, things are exactly the same when they get together. I love watching them interact. We wives have grown close too - and I really enjoy spending time with them!
Our "reunion" this year was in Vegas and we spent the weekend catching up, boating, shopping, watching shows, eating out and laughing. Lots and lots of laughing... We love you guys!

Rick and Marci

Logan and Jamie

Adam and Megan

Ryan and Lisa

Mac and Steph

More Halloween...

So I for sure don't get the Mother of the Year Award for halloween pictures. I was lame and not totally on top of things - so what we did get will just have to suffice! You can tell from these photos that Cole was having a rough night - no nap...His pirate tantrum was loads of fun. And to be 100% honest - none of the kids were that into sitting down for the photos. I wish I could describe how cute everyone looked though - we had so much fun despite the chaos. Mimi (McKay's mom) always makes us feel so special and spoils the kiddies absolutely rotten. We are so lucky to have her!

Could be...

Cole (my two year old) just came to me sobbing. Really sobbing - not the pretend kind that I get a lot of the time - real tears and a runny nose too... He can hardly talk and I am having a really hard time understanding him because he is crying so hard. I get a little panicky as he tells me that his stomach hurts - what mom doesn't jump to thinking "Oh no, what did you eat?!" Then the following conversation ensued...

Bella: "Ooohh - his stomach hurts real bad mom."
Me: "I can tell - what happened?!"
(I get this real sly look - she is totally checking me out to see what my reaction will be... And all of the sudden it clicks.)
Me: "Bella, you need to tell Mommy what happened!"
Bella: "Well his stomach is hurting real bad...And it COULD be because I did it."
Me: "Did what?!"
Bella: "Well, it COULD be because I punched him."

Of course she apologized and is now in her room...Anyone want to trade? :) They are lucky that they are so cute because it saves their lives on a daily basis! :) Only teasing... I will keep them and wouldn't trade them for anything! Punching and all...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Papa's Halloween Party...

We have a monthly family night with my Dad - it is his way of getting all of us together in the same spot at least once during the month. We love it! You have never seen a cuter grandpa that puts more effort into the happiness of his grandkids! He is precious!
So October's theme was obviously Halloween. Unfortunately, my camera was dying and I didn't get nearly as many photos as I would have liked, but here are just a few. My Dad goes all out and decorates the garage to the hilt! I am sorry to not have any photos of all his effort, but next year for sure! And I wasn't even able to get a picture of all the cousins, but they all looked so cute. Here is who we did get --

Coley was and still is OBSESSED with his Pirate costume. Best money I have ever spent!

Our Beautiful Little Cleopatra. She picked out her costume all by herself and there was just no swaying her!

My sister Amy's little boy Lliam was the cutest chicken you have ever seen -

wouldn't you agree?! I love it!

My sister Leslie's little boy Hamilton was a precious lion - can't get enough of him!

My sister Stephanie's son Cody was a pirate too - Cole loved having a pirate buddy!

Cute Cousins - Caroline was an adorable little dorothy to go with her lion baby brother... Too cute!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Conference in Springdale!

I know that I am way behind - so here is my first attempt at catching up! We went to visit my Dickman grandparents in Springdale, UT for general conference weekend. They have a ranch - Grandview Ranch - right at the mouth of Zions National Park and have been there for 40+ years. It was so beautiful! Zions canyon is amazing! It was so fun to visit their home - I think that I appreciate it so much more as an adult. It was fun to notice and photograph the little things that make the ranch what it is and give it so much character. My grandparents have created this incredible legacy of love with their lifetime of service. It was so touching to watch them go to so much effort during our stay - always waiting on us and offering us anything and everything they had. I love them and am so grateful to have them in my life...
Cole and Bella had so much fun. They wanted to be riding in the golf cart or on the four wheeler every minute we were there. They loved the cows too. Cole was so mad that he couldn't touch them. (Gross!) I am so happy that they got to experience the ranch like I did as a child. Sweet memories made...
And how can I not mention Conference and the incredible spiritual feast that it was? I am refreshed, renewed and inspired to be better! I am so grateful for those special words and the amazing spirit that accompanies every single speaker...

Off the wagon...

I have completely fallen off the blog bandwagon...And apparently I am seriously busted... I am going to try harder! Game on Jeffy...Estephe is Back!