Sunday, November 8, 2009


Whats happening? Last night Steph was out and all the kids but Bella were down. I sat on the couch and Bella curled up next to me with a blanket, tucking herself beneath my arm. We pop in Hannah Montana, the movie! Bella's choice, but I'm kinda diggin it. Miley wants to be Hannah cause Hannah is a star, and Hannah doesn't want to be Miley cause Miley is a cowgirl. But! Miley has a boy...and a grandma...and Tennessee. You know, lots of tension. So she tells her dad to stop the truck and pull over so she can walk from Teenessee to NY and be famous. Soon she's sitting there, stranded, with her suit case on the side of the road when HE pulls up -the boy - striding on his horse. He stops, slides down from the horse and turns to Miley, raising the brim of his cap to reveal some charming boyish grin. And thats when it happens. I hear a voice beside me say, "Ouch!"
"Wait, what?" I say confused.
Bella looks at me demured, realizing she said aloud what she meant only to say in that innocent seven year old head of hers. "You know Dad," she says, bitting her thumb nail, hoping her nonchalaunce might soften the blow. "Ouch, like when a girl sees a boy she has a crush on...she says ouch!"
Huh? Speechless....
What happened? Where did my little girl go?