Saturday, April 18, 2009


I am totally admitting to falling off the "no sugar wagon," but only for a brief moment, a hiccup of sorts -- I am back on already! I for sure had the most amazing OREO shake ever known to man at Maggie Moos. If you haven't already experienced it -- go. NOW. And I got the desired result from my sugar detox. I felt SICK after enjoying it! phew... It's working... Keep you posted. At least I am honest! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

RoLey PoLiE BugGiEs...

Cole found dozens of "Roley Polie Buggies" outside tonight. Him and Addie had to divide the goods. He seriously came in with like 10 in his little hands. I immediately hunted a jar out of the cupboards to house them -- I get the shivers thinking about them loose and crawling in the house. He kept playing with them and letting them crawl up and down his arms. Gross. I know they are harmless, but have you ever watched it while you are eating dinner? Yuck. I kept telling him that they had to go outside. He says "But MOM! They need friends!" He won't give in. Smarty pants Bella says "But Coley, their mommy and daddy are outside. They just want their mommy and daddy!" An instant reaction... He heads out the door to free them. Melts my heart that Bella knew just what to say. Melts my heart that Cole is worried about them being without their mommy and daddy. My kids are cute...


My mom delivered Easter baskets today. She spoiled my kids (as usual) with all the treats I love. It is rotten to be on the "no sugar until you get skinny" diet with the candy heaven holiday this weekend. I will even venture to say Easter is better than Halloween - just because of the millions of PEANUT BUTTER options available! PB eggs (BIG and SMALL ones!), PB bunnies, PB cups, Reeses Pieces in cute little cartons... Too many to count! Can you tell I love it?

Cole was unloading his bucket and pulls the PEEPS out.
"Mom, she shouldn't give me these. I don't like them!"

Me: "Well, maybe we can give them to someone else."

"Oh! Can I...Can I...Can I sell them?"
Such a little entrepreneur at such a young age? So funny! But I am with him. Peeps are good for one bite - then they make me sick! SO... PEEPS for sale! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Bella played "tricks" on her daddy all day...
"Daddy - you have a spider in your hair!"

Cole wanted in on the action...
"Dad...You have an elephant on your nose!"

LOL :)


Hee Hee... Lulu emailed me this photo of our little guys. So funny! Cruzie is getting so chubby and Reve is catching up! It will be so fun to watch my kids grow up so close to all of their cousins. I love it! And hey - could little Reve be any cuter? Just love those cheeks! And you should see him smile!