Thursday, April 9, 2009


My mom delivered Easter baskets today. She spoiled my kids (as usual) with all the treats I love. It is rotten to be on the "no sugar until you get skinny" diet with the candy heaven holiday this weekend. I will even venture to say Easter is better than Halloween - just because of the millions of PEANUT BUTTER options available! PB eggs (BIG and SMALL ones!), PB bunnies, PB cups, Reeses Pieces in cute little cartons... Too many to count! Can you tell I love it?

Cole was unloading his bucket and pulls the PEEPS out.
"Mom, she shouldn't give me these. I don't like them!"

Me: "Well, maybe we can give them to someone else."

"Oh! Can I...Can I...Can I sell them?"
Such a little entrepreneur at such a young age? So funny! But I am with him. Peeps are good for one bite - then they make me sick! SO... PEEPS for sale! :)

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martha corinna said...

I am so with you on the pb.

That reminds me to get some pb chocolate candy to steal.