Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dear Diary,

These are just a few of Bella's latest... Isn't she cute?

(You can barely see it, but there is a baby next to Cole in the picture.)

(Reads: Dere Diri, Im rili ixsid obawt the baby in moms bely. The End.)
(Translation: Dear Diary, I'm really excited about the baby in Mom's belly. The End.)

Cowboy Coley

Cole is obsessed with horses. He LOVES them! For Cole's birthday gift from my older brother Chad and his little family, Chad brought some horses up to McKay's parents home for Coley to ride. He was in heaven. Chad couldn't have picked a more amazing gift, it was really thoughtful and a ton of work! THANK YOU CHAD!!! It ended up being an afternoon of fun for everyone - kids and adults alike. After all the kids had a ride - some of the adults wanted a turn too! I think that we all left there wanting our own horses and just thinking we could all be cowboys if we wanted to! :)
Since that day, Cole has told us over and over that he wants to ride the horse that Chad gave him for his birthday! Ha! He doesn't totally grasp that it was just a ride - how funny is that?!

ps... Again - camera phone pictures... Not the best:)

Gum anyone?

Mac took the kids up to see the new house yesterday. Cole and Bella helped themselves to Daddy's gum on the way up. They wandered around the house for a bit then loaded back up in the car. Cole reached for the gum again...

Mac: "Hey -- you already had some!"
Cole: "I need some more!"
Mac: "Where did it go? Did you swallow it?"
Cole: "No I spit it out. Sorry Dad, it's in the office."

Ha! I think he is so used to the construction phase - a.k.a. crap everywhere - that he didn't think spitting his gum on the floor is that big of a deal. Gross! :)

Happy Birthday Cole!

Coley turned three on April 25th. Can you believe how grown up he is?! This year - things finally clicked. He sang (and still sings) happy birthday to himself. He announced to everyone that it was his birthday everywhere we went. He picked out his Power Ranger cake all by himself. He had a special day with Daddy - Mac took him golfing, to lunch and the dino museum. He was spoiled by our families and received mostly clothes from everyone. I thought it was so cute that he was just as interested in the clothes as the toys. He genuinely appreciates everything - it is super cute.
He is my baby (for now) and I am so emotional at his getting older. His tender personality absolutely melts my heart. He is incredibly sweet and I can't get enough of him. He is all boy -- loves guns and cowboys, swords and pirates, power rangers and ninja turtles. A huge relief considering in the beginning, he only had girly toys to keep him busy. He asks almost everyday if he can wear his cowboy boots and I have taken to hiding them to avoid the drama! :) I have let him wear them to the store occasionally, but I prefer 'only at home' instead. He is very particular about funny little things - like heaven forbid you should ever sit in HIS stool, his blanket has to be perfectly spread on top of him every night before bed and he WILL wake me in the middle of the night to fix it again should it get out of place, he is very picky about which sippy I offer him out of the cupboard, and his shoes must be tied in a double knot! His little quirks are endearing. He loves to have his haircut - thank you Kookie Cutters in Draper - and tells me all the time, "Mom, my hair is falling! I need a haircut!" (When it won't stand up for his usual faux-hawk.) He adores Bella and follows her everywhere. They are sweet little friends and so protective of each other. Cole has learned to pray by himself and his little voice just couldn't be any cuter. He never forgets to bless each of us. He is so excited for the new baby and asks "Mom, if it's a boy - can he sleep in my bed?" I just love him so much and am overwhelmed with pride that he is mine. Happy Birthday Baby Boy!


So I know I am a little behind, but catching up takes time! Bella is only in Kindergarten, but she was totally into Spring Break this year. She would wake up everyday and ask me "Mom, what are we going to do today that is really fun and exciting?" No pressure, right? :) Poor girl had to put up with a week full of meetings and appointments for the house - definitely not that fun and exciting. I did manage to get us up to the zoo on the one day of nice weather that week though. Bree, Gavin, and Ayva came with us and we all had a great time!
*Disclaimer -- camera phone photos! :)