Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gum anyone?

Mac took the kids up to see the new house yesterday. Cole and Bella helped themselves to Daddy's gum on the way up. They wandered around the house for a bit then loaded back up in the car. Cole reached for the gum again...

Mac: "Hey -- you already had some!"
Cole: "I need some more!"
Mac: "Where did it go? Did you swallow it?"
Cole: "No I spit it out. Sorry Dad, it's in the office."

Ha! I think he is so used to the construction phase - a.k.a. crap everywhere - that he didn't think spitting his gum on the floor is that big of a deal. Gross! :)


JR and Kelie said...

hum! sounds so familiar! although my house is finished. ha ha!

The Gardner Family said...

That is too funny steph. I am so excited for your beautiful home to be done. Yeah!!