Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SO convenient!

We lunched at the park today for Bella's birthday. I could totally get used to this boy thing... So convenient! :)

Do you think she likes it? :)

I am sure that I am not the only mother that is guilty of wanting something for her daughter that she didn't have when she was a little girl... Bella got an American Girl doll (Kit Kitteridge) for her birthday today. She is so excited and it is totally hard to not show that I am just as excited! She got matching outfits and extra clothes and accessories for the doll. I love it when I can "hit a homerun" with a present that makes my kids giddy with excitement. Love it even more when it is something I want to play with too! :) Ha!
She has carried Kit everywhere and even seatbelts her in the car with her. She takes her into stores and even just changed her clothes so that she can come to dance with us tonight. So Cute! It is such a grown up girl toy and she is so very careful with her - it couldn't be more precious! And the best part? I heard her whisper in Kit's ear this morning... "I have been waiting for you my whole life!" How cute is that?!

**Camera phone - not the best photo, but still cute...

Happy Birthday Bella!

Today is my baby girl's 6th birthday - can you believe it?! I am her mommy and I am dying at how grown up she is! She is so mature for her age and is really conscious of others feelings. She is such a big helper and I am so lucky to have her with a new baby on the way! She is really tender with Cole. I love to listen to them giggle or watch her take such good care of him. She opened her gifts this morning and was so appreciative of every little detail. She is becoming more aware of her little blessings in life and I am so grateful that she knows she is spoiled! She is beautiful and sweet and absolutely melts her mommma's heart...And I should mention that she has her Daddy completely wrapped around her little finger too!
I love you Bella!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Dad and Victoria

Dad and his beautiful bride Victoria...
Dad was married June 13th up at Stein Eriksen. It was a beautiful day and I felt so special to take part in it. I am SO happy that he has found happiness. Victoria is an amazing lady with an enormous heart. She dotes on him and loves him and I love her for it! She has so many beautiful qualities and they make a really great match.
She is really sweet - and going from no children to so many children and 15 grandchildren and being really excited about it proves it! Love you both and wish you every happiness the world has to offer. XXOO

Daddy and His Girls...

It is no secret to anyone that knows me... I LOVE my Dad. We are extremely close and I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude at the very thought of him. This photo is from his wedding in August. I love it of all of us girls. (Unfortunately there are a few missing.) But - thought that I would take a minute and give those pictured a shout out... I love my family...

First Dad -- He is amazing. He hosts a lunch for the sisters every Friday afternoon. He lets us all come and completely invade his house with our children and stay for as long as we want! He couldn't be more generous with his time. It means so much to me! I love you dad.

>>From The Left of the photo --

Kim -- Kim married my brother Chad. She is SO much fun to be around and prolly has the cutest laugh in the whole world - it is really contagious! She is an amazing mom and for sure the CLEANEST person I have ever met. (WOnder what she thinks when she comes to my house! :) ha! ) She is really tender and a perfect match for Chad. Love you Kim!

Leslie -- Les holds a special place in my heart - she loved to sleep in my bed growing up! Hee hee... Les is a great mom too! She is for sure "homemaker of the year" with her constant jam and salsa making! She is super thoughtful and never forgets anyone's birthday. I appreciate her sweetness more than words! I love you Les!

Amy -- Amy is ridiculously talented in the hair department. She for sure gave me the best hair cut I have ever had! We just found out she is pregnant and I am so excited that we get to be pregnant together! (Even if I am a few months ahead and a few pounds heavier!) Amy has been my partner in crime on too many occasions to even mention...:) She is incredibly sweet and strong. Love you Mimi!

Steph -- Yes - I have a sister named Steph too! How is that for wild and exciting? Stephanie is really sweet and such a good mom to her boys. She is a mad go-getter and it makes her a fab real estate agent. She can be really giving and is spending next week at a foster kids camp. So sweet. Love you Steph!

Jen -- There isn't ever enough room to say enough about Jen. I think that she is an amazing woman, mother and wife. It is annoying that she manages to do it all so well! She is an incredible mom to her three beautiful girls. She full on makes their riding costumes and even braved dance clothes last week. She is queen of hair-dos and all things girl. I look to her example constantly! She has started her own business - Vintage Hem - and it is a huge success! I am so proud of her accomplishments and am in awe that she has the courage to make it happen! I love you Jen!

"Snowcone" should be my middle name...

SO everyone is talking about pregnancy cravings... Thought that I would add mine to the mix! I am HOT! Seriously - does it have to be one million degrees everyday? I CANNOT cooldown... Snowcones are my saving grace. My current fave? Tigersblood and Pina Colada - side by side - YUM!
Others on the list... Been dying for a simple baked potato from Wendy's, but after THREE attempts to get one and being shut down (WHO runs out of potatoes?!) and one tearful episode following one such shut down, I have given up. GOing to have to buy and bake my own dang potato! And as usual... Loving garlic and anything mexican! The seven layer dip and guacamole at Harmons keep me happy on a weekly basis. hee hee...