Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Bella!

Today is my baby girl's 6th birthday - can you believe it?! I am her mommy and I am dying at how grown up she is! She is so mature for her age and is really conscious of others feelings. She is such a big helper and I am so lucky to have her with a new baby on the way! She is really tender with Cole. I love to listen to them giggle or watch her take such good care of him. She opened her gifts this morning and was so appreciative of every little detail. She is becoming more aware of her little blessings in life and I am so grateful that she knows she is spoiled! She is beautiful and sweet and absolutely melts her mommma's heart...And I should mention that she has her Daddy completely wrapped around her little finger too!
I love you Bella!


The Vigh Household said...

Steph-you make such beautiful children. I can't believe she's six allready. WOW!

Kelie said...

Happy Birthday Bella! So beautiful like your mommy!

Ash said...

Happy Birthday Bella! Bella is so pretty Steph! Camilynne does all of my pictures too. She did Brian and I wedding and I have used her ever since. So fun.