Monday, December 8, 2008


I have been sick. SO sick. Sicker than I think I have ever been before. How does one catch STREP THROAT and the most severe strain of INFLUENZA at the same time - and only a month after having a baby?! Seriously?! I felt like I had been hit by a bus! I am just now recovering after staying in bed for days, being forced into wearing a Sars mask around the baby and asked to stop nursing while on my medication. Super fun during the craziest time of the year and probably the week my little family has needed me most. I am so lucky to have amazing people come to my rescue -- special thanks to Mom Vicki, Stace and Lisanne for covering my kiddies and to Jen and Mom Sam for the constant check ins and edible arrangement and to Trish for the phone calls... I feel loved!
Part of my rescue is a blessing from Mac and Dad Steve. I am so lucky to be able to ask and seriously know things took a turn for the better as soon as I got it. We went back into Dad's office for the blessing - leaving Bella to babysit Baby Cruz and Coley to play cowboys and indians just outside the door. Cole was loud during the whole blessing. Serious warfare between the cowboys and indians going on I guess... Just as we neared the end of the blessing I could hear him getting closer and closer to the glass french doors. I was just waiting for him to barge in. As soon as we said 'amen' - sure enough he came right in...

COLE: "I saw that! I saw that!" (Pointing his little finger at all of us.)
MIMI: "Yep - Mommy just got a blessing from Papa and your Daddy."
COLE: "Yep, Just like Jesus." (Said so nonchanantly as he walked back out the door.)

Not totally sure what he meant, but melted my heart anyway...

Crying Cruzie...

Could he be any cuter?! Love this -- another shot by Becky! (More coming soon...Picking up my CD later tonight! YAY!) SO life with a newborn is bliss...MOST of the time! :) He is a great baby and I think I am enjoying the newborn phase more than ever before. Not in a rush to see him get bigger. Infact - a little sad at his growing-chubby features. He no longer fits in the tiniest newborn diapers. BUT I love it! Love him, Love Bella and Coley, Love my Husband more everyday. During a season when we all focus on our many blessings -- I feel so blessed!