Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Human Head Weighs 8 Lbs!

Remember that line from Jerry McGuire? Totally reminding me of Cole right now. Everyday after school we discuss spiders and all that he is learning about them at preschool. I am seriously impressed with the facts that he spouts off... For example - did you know that wolf spiders have eight eyes? It has a square head with an oval body and stripes on its back. The babies are carried around on their momma's back. They have three sections to their body and the legs come out of the middle section. When the babies get hungry, they have been known to eat each other.

Cole says: Mom! The babies eat each other and they don't even care!
Me: Gross!
Cole says: So I asked the teacher if the mom cares and she ignored me!

I am guessing that this is when the teacher clued in that she was maybe providing a little too much info to my little preschooler. Ha! :)

I am impressed with the info Mister Cole is retaining. He is currently full of random facts about wolf spiders, black widows and tarantulas. If you need to know - just ask. He is fully prepared to give a discourse on his studies... Just ask Mimi and Papa...

Smokey The Bear

Bella: Mom, Have you ever met Smokey the Bear?
Me: Yes. When I was little...
Bella: But it's just a man in a suit, right?
Me: [Giggle] Yeah. How did you know that?
Bella: Well... Like a bear could really save people from fire!
Me: [Totally laughing now...] It could happen...
Bella: Whatever...