Monday, March 31, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper...

Bella is so grown up... This weekend had me in tears - I am so grateful for her little personality!
I have been feeling super nauseated and sick this pregnancy, but rarely throw up. Unfortunately on Sunday - it actually came up! UGH! I was in bed trying to muster the energy to get up for my kids when I overheard Bella in the kitchen. She was completely taking care of Coley solo. She made him toast for breakfast and even managed to mix up some chocolate milk for the two of them. They were watching a movie on my laptop when I finally made it out to see them.
I laid on the floor or the couch most of the day with Bella catering to my every need. Ice water, toast for mommy, tissues and pillows and blankets. She brought me a special snack - a banana and Special K Bar on a paper plate. She even brushed my hair - which I am sure was looking super scary in order to prompt such a favor. :) She kept asking me "Can I get anything else for you Mom? Can I do something for you?" And when I would thank her - her reply was "No Problem!" She was even my amazing helper when Cole thought it would be fun to shove 20 million pounds of TP down the toilet, flush it and flood the bathroom. SO fun!
Needless to say, I am so grateful for her and her sweet willingness to be my special helper. She couldn't be more excited for the baby - and I couldn't be more excited to have her help! I love her so much and am so grateful she is mine...

Friday, March 7, 2008

My Little Fashonista...

I came out of the bedroom one day after getting ready and Bella proceeded to check me out from head to toe....

Bella: "Whoa! You look cute!"
Me: "Thanks honey..."
Bella: "You have so many more clothes than me!" (Imagine it in a valley girl sing song voice.)
Me: "What? Um yeah... I am the Mom. When you are the mom - you can have more clothes than your daughter."
Bella: "Hmph."

A few minutes later...
Bella: "Mom, you might not like this, but how about we share clothes when I get older?"

She isn't even six and already wants to be in my closet and in my clothes! How did she just come out like that? She is such a girly girl and loves all the things I do. Now if I could just persuade her to wear something other than her favorite outfit - a white tee-shirt and jeans - everyday. Argh!


I know... I know... I have fallen off the blogging wagon yet again! But it is just my crazy life -- I have yet to find a way to balance it all! I have decided that it is just because I have such BIG expectations... We are currently building a home and have BIG expectations for how it will all come together. We are working with the strictest of deadlines and literally have something to choose or pick out every single day. No pressure right? Super fun process with toddlers in tow. My kids have come to dread the words "appointment" and "meeting." And I am planning the quarterly Enrichment activity for our ward. You know how I LOVE parties and of course just have BIG expectations for how it will turn out. Balloons and Cake? Killer combo if you ask me! :) Not to mention the most heavenly breadsticks from Jules Bettinson. AMAZING! Then I am trying to progress as an aerobics instructor. BIG expectations to live up to... And all the while - I am going to get BIG because I am expecting! Surprise! We are adding another to the Christensen Family Chaos. We are thrilled! And I am tired...
I am going to be better... Promise!