Friday, January 30, 2009


Ditch the workout and Join the Party!!!
ZUMBA is taking over the world! just kidding, but it sure felt that way at the Master Class that Bree and I went to on Saturday. Over 250 people showed up to shake it! Camilio Jimenez was the guest teacher and he worked it out for 2 whole hours! Bree and I both looked like we had jumped in and out of a pool by the end - totally hot. :) More than anything - we had so much fun and shook our booties until it hurt - literally. Ha! If you haven't tried it - you will LOVE it! I am teaching my first class on Valentines Day. Wish me luck...


Bella and her cousins Abbie and Rachel are all on the same competitive dance team (different age groups). It is so fun to be able to see them so often for practice and even more fun to perform together. These photos are from when they performed at Spanish Fork High School.
Bella is so sassy and her moves make everyone giggle. She is loving dance and never stops dancing! She is constantly twirling and choreographing her own performances. She is a natural and I am so proud of her! Too cute...

Bella and her teachers...

Bella is loving her teachers (Mrs. Pehrson and Mrs. Waite) at Challenger. They are darling and she thinks the world of them. She is so eager to please them and have them praise her work -- such a type A student already... I love it. She definitely gets it from her daddy though..."Straight 'A' McKay?" She is a smart little thing and loves to learn. She is a die hard reader and amazes me with how far she has come in the last year. My mom bought her a few chapter books and she is zooming through them. In Kindergarten?! She read Nate the Great (62 pages)in one afternoon! Now if I could just get her pumped up on homework...:)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe it?! 2008 has come and gone... I love the promise of a new year; a fresh start and a clean slate. This holiday season was chaotic - A lot happening in our lives that made Christmas a little different this year...BUT especially poignant as we focused on the Savior and how ALL things are made possible through HIM. I feel really blessed and am so grateful for my little family above all.
I will admit it - making and keeping my new year's resolutions hasn't totally been my strength, but this it it! This is my year to really make it happen! I have decided to keep my list short and manageable! :) I figure if I post it here -- I will have loads of extra help in actually following through...Short and Sweet...

1. To be a better Mother and Wife, Sister and Daughter.
How better to show my family how grateful I am for them?

2. Read my scriptures DAILY.
This is BIG. I know I am a better person when I am doing it - just need it to stick!

3. Better record my family's life and all those cute things my kids say and do.
Time flies and no matter how much you think "I won't forget" - truth is you do. I am going to be better with blogging (my only current journal) and pictures. I CAN do it!

4. Focus on my blessings.
I have SO much to be grateful for.

5. Goals at Work...
I teach aerobics and LOVE it. It is just time to take it to the next level and learn something new. Haven't decided whether it is SPIN or Yoga, getting Nutrition Certified or really diving into my already certified ZUMBA, but game on!

6. Get Skinny. Again.
Seriously the worst part of having a baby. So much work to get into shape - so little time and you fall right out! :)