Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe it?! 2008 has come and gone... I love the promise of a new year; a fresh start and a clean slate. This holiday season was chaotic - A lot happening in our lives that made Christmas a little different this year...BUT especially poignant as we focused on the Savior and how ALL things are made possible through HIM. I feel really blessed and am so grateful for my little family above all.
I will admit it - making and keeping my new year's resolutions hasn't totally been my strength, but this it it! This is my year to really make it happen! I have decided to keep my list short and manageable! :) I figure if I post it here -- I will have loads of extra help in actually following through...Short and Sweet...

1. To be a better Mother and Wife, Sister and Daughter.
How better to show my family how grateful I am for them?

2. Read my scriptures DAILY.
This is BIG. I know I am a better person when I am doing it - just need it to stick!

3. Better record my family's life and all those cute things my kids say and do.
Time flies and no matter how much you think "I won't forget" - truth is you do. I am going to be better with blogging (my only current journal) and pictures. I CAN do it!

4. Focus on my blessings.
I have SO much to be grateful for.

5. Goals at Work...
I teach aerobics and LOVE it. It is just time to take it to the next level and learn something new. Haven't decided whether it is SPIN or Yoga, getting Nutrition Certified or really diving into my already certified ZUMBA, but game on!

6. Get Skinny. Again.
Seriously the worst part of having a baby. So much work to get into shape - so little time and you fall right out! :)


Trish said...

You can accomplish all of those goals - you are superwoman!

Lisanne Lee said...

So proud of you. Of course you will make it all happen.

This is why I love you.

Happy New Year!

Jennifer and Jason Young said...

Step on me,

Thanks so much for your great example to me. I am so proud of the woman you are becoming and the many lessons and laughs you share with me. If all else fails, we can laugh! I know Marjorie used to say that is how Gordon B. got them through the tough times.

Top Ten Good Things About Being Fat
10. When driving, stomach acts as secondary air bag.
9. No need for buttock enhancement surgery.
8. Friends never at a loss for cruel nicknames.
7. Fast food proprieters know you by name.
6. Larger rear end means you can carry armchairs and still have your hands free.
5. Distended stomach gives private parts extra privacy.
4. Constant threat of heart attack gives every day an exciting uncertainty.
3. Widened belly button provides extra storage space.
2. Come Summer time, bigger belly flops.

And the number one good thing about being fat…

1. Mathematically speaking, you’re twice the person anybody else is.

chris said...

So now that we've gone around the table AND posted our goals on the interweb for the world to see, we should get them right??? So happy one of your new goals is blogging more..that's exciting for me.. :-)
Heart you. Over and over again I heart you.

Ash said...

I am with Trish and Lisanne. You can do all of those things. I have seen it all before. You acutually are all those things already. I look up to you steph. Your absolutely amazing. Love you.

Sandgren Family said...

Love the pictures of Cruz, so cute!
I am impressed with your list, and I think I need to follow it exactly(with the exception of #5 since I don't teach aerobics and would be completely mortified if I ever started!). You will be my insperation as I know you will succeed! Love you! Lets get together soon!

martha corinna said...

Can #7 be, get Martha skinny again, at least get her a decent stomach?

Laurie said...

Lady, I saw you two weeks ago and you are already skinny. So you can check that one off the list.
I miss you! Not having the Christensens in the ward is sad. You and your family are awsome!

Isaac and Becky said...

Fun! I have heard lots about Zumba. I didnt know you were into aerobics. Very cool.

I think you have great resolutions for 2009. Good luck. Your amazing! You can totally do it :)

Kass Martin said...

That was so fun seeing you at the Zumba master class. That was a blast. Best, funnest workout ever. Where do you teach? I am all over the place at Gold's gym: Both Orem gyms, Provo and Spanish Fork. If you ever make it down and want to come to a class let me know. I can't believe how cute you were even post workout. I looked like i got beat up. Hey, will you email me your email? Thanks girl!