Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last Lecture...

We just finished reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch in my little book club. It was a good read, super quick, and VERY thought provoking. If you haven't read it or heard about it, it is about Randy's last lecture in life. He was diagnosed with cancer and only given a short time to live. As a professor at Carnegie Mellon, he prepared his 'last lecture' for his students and delivered his life's lessons on stage. Interesting. It has me thinking about what I would say if I were given the same opportunity. How do you sum up a life and all that you think is important in such a short time? What would I say for my children? How would I ever convey my love to Mac? What would I want to be my legacy?
I guess that it is on my mind a lot lately, especially because we have lost family and friends in the recent months and years. They left such a footprint and mark in our lives...Will I do the same?
SO it is my goal to become more focused on the things that matter make note of those important lessons learned and life changing moments. I feel like the last year has been a powerful one. One that has too many lessons learned to count! I am trying hard to recognize what I am supposed to learn and walk away from things bigger and better for it. I will try harder to reach out to the people I love and lose myself in serving others. I will be a better mom and wife, sister and daughter -- for sure not perfect, but the people around me will know how much they mean to me...I am going to start posting my last lecture. A bit self indulgent I am sure, but since this is my only current journal of sorts - you all have to come along for the ride.

Happy Anniversary Mom!

Mom and Pappy (a.k.a. Tim) celebrated their 4th Anniversary this last week. My post is late because life is wild, but congratulations just the same! So happy that mom has found her prince charming! He is wonderful and funny and spoils her rotten! We have a lot of fun with them and feel so grateful to have them in our lives...They make a great team and I am so happy for them! Love you both so much! XXOO

Monday, March 16, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

Jen got us tickets to go to the LDS Draper Temple Open House. Unfortunately, Mac had meetings and I ended up just taking Bella. It actually turned in to such a sweet experience - a mommy-daughter date at the temple! Over the summer, we drove over Suncrest everyday on our way to the gym. Cole got to monitoring the progress and construction of the temple. Pretty cute. When they had finally placed the Angel Moroni ontop of the spire - he said "It's DONE! There he is!"

This is a picture of Bella's favorite room. While walking through, the spirit was so strong and I was so grateful to share such a neat experience with my only sweet girl. She was quiet and reverent and so respectful of her surroundings. I know that while she doesn't understand everything that we do at the temple, she felt the spirit and knew it was an important place.

The font... Capris, my neice, thinks that it is pigs that hold up the font. And she said "There's the hot tub!" So cute!

I am so grateful for temples. For the peace I feel there and for the work that happens in such a sacred place. And mostly... I am grateful because temples make it possible to be with my family forever - and I am pretty sure there is nothing better!

FLASHBACK FRIDAY (a little late...)

McKay and Dave - their own little version of a lemonade stand. Precious!

Monday, March 9, 2009

America Onstage - Our First Competition!

We made it through the first of many... Bella's first dance competition! It is so funny that my 6 year-old's schedule is dictating our lives, but it is true! She did great and we are so proud of her. I am still trying to be tech savy and figure out how to post the videos, but for now - just the still shots will have to suffice! :)Isn't she adorable?

So fun -- Another cousin, Caroline, competed at the same competition with her studio. She is a little natural performer and we are so proud of her too!

Bella competed in her first TRIO with Jordan Young and Hallie Rivers to Cheetah Girl's 'Shake your Tailfeather.' They took first place and were awarded a trophy, sash and tiara. YAY!

Bella's advisor Caitlin choreographed her trio and did an amazing job. We love Caitlin!

Friday, March 6, 2009


It's true. We totally swam with the dolphins on our honeymoon. It was AMAZING! Funny that we both look so young... Can you even believe that it has been almost 10 years?! Lucky to be so in love still... Easy when you are married to prince charming.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Little Happy Head...

I am realizing that I have not been documenting little Cruz and how fast he has been growing! All because my camera is broken! Sorry for the camera phone pictures (once again) but we have to make do with what we've got to work with for now. :) He is such a happy little guy - his smile makes me smile. He has been really sick, but we are almost back to 100% and he is smiling again! He loves a tub or shower and loves to be rubbed down with lotion after. Can you tell? I have high hopes that he will stay blonde and blue-eyed -- I think I deserve for one child to look like me - right?

A fun new find...

So I am totally stealing this off a friend's blog (thanks Janine), but it is just too good to keep quiet! I LOVE my crockpot. Seriously - we are GREAT FRIENDS. Who doesn't like spending a few minutes in the morning and coming home to dinner ready in the evening? AMAZING concept.

My personal crock pot gets a shout-out -- The ALL-CLAD Deluxe Slow Cooker (Thanks MOM!). You can even brown everything in the insert before you drop it in the base -- hence, no loss of flavor. WOW! Anyway, my new find is this blog --


You won't believe the stash of recipes. It is a total stranger crockpot lady named Stephanie (go figure)-- "My name is Stephanie and I have an unnatural obsession with my crockpot. I'm okay with it." She has photos, the recipe and even a review for every recipe. Dream come true. Thank you crockpot lady! I will keep you posted when I come across some good ones. FUN!


So I know that I am the proudest Auntie ever, but seriously I think I have the cutest nieces and nephews in the whole world. Just one more little spotlight for now... McCoy Jeffrey Jensen. My brother's long awaited baby boy - he is now almost 10months, but he is prolly 8 months in these photos... I cannot get enough of his big dreamy eyes and kissable chubby cheeks! Love you Coy Boy...