Friday, April 11, 2008


I am SO over this whole morning sickness thing. It would be one thing if it was only in the morning... But NO... All day? Ugh.... McKay says that I am complaining less so I must be feeling better. Rather, the truth is that I am just starting to accept it as part of my current "normal" life. And hey - I am tired of hearing myself complain! Ha! :)
The kids are so funny about it. Bella is ready to dis-include me from all family functions and activities because in her words "She's STILL sick." Today was a prized day as we all (Cole, Bella and I) took a nap! My kids are way beyond the napping stage so it is a rare treat when they fall asleep in the car and transfer to the house still zonked. So grateful for those times! I got a whole two hours - YAY! Cole woke up and was hollering at me from his bed in the next room.

Cole: "Mom?! Mom?!"
Me: "Yes?"
Cole: "Where are you? Are you in you bed?"
Me: "Yes."
Cole: "Mom - it is NOT night time! Yook (look -can't say his Ls just yet) outside."
Me: "I know Coley. Mommy just doesn't feel good. My tummy is sick."
Cole: "Mooooommmm! Get up!" (And in the most annoyed tone you can imagine...) "Get some food!"

He thinks he has it all figured out. Hee hee... He is so cute. I feel bad that he is getting annoyed - believe me, if I could change it I would! I have all sorts of new found sympathy for the mothers that get so sick during pregnancy. I have always felt bad for you, but now I have true empathy. Not sure how you do it over and over again.... I know that they say you forget, but fat chance I will! Yuck! You ladies are amazing... Mom, Kate, Shelb and Becky - you are my heroes! Thanks so much for your loving phone calls and all the offers to help. I have the sweetest friends and family. Loves to all...