Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Sweet Angels...

Just LOVING my kids right now. Two happenings that melt my heart tonight:

Bella had a book fair today. Buy one get one free. She was SO excited and has been talking about it for days. She woke early and said that she wanted to use her own money to buy a book. I replied by telling her I thought that books were a great thing to spend her money on. She then told me that she had put an extra bit in her pocket for her friend at school - just in case this friend forgot her money. Her little friend did forget her money and Bella was happy to give it to her. Innocent and simple, her small act of generosity touches me. She is a good girl. She senses others needs for extra love and attention and has an incredible heart at her early age.

Mac came home late tonight from class and his YM calling. He went upstairs to kiss the kids goodnight and found Cole asleep on our floor. He was in the tiniest of corners curled up with a flashlight and the Book of Mormon. Precious.

Funny that I am supposed to be the parent, but often learn so much from my babies. I know that it is a trade off and all part of the plan - we are meant to teach each other. I feel so grateful to have been entrusted with their special spirits. Lucky to learn from them both...

Monday, October 5, 2009

CoLeY's AlPHaBet CrOwN -- AGAIN!

Cole loves preschool and is totally learning to read! He got his "Alphabet Crown" (again)and "Blending Badge!" I am so proud that he is sounding everything out! Go Coley!

Bella's Birthday @ the ZOO

Bella started school on her 7th birthday. After school we went to the zoo as a family. It was way hot, but we had a great time!

Even Little Happy Head had fun!

FiRSt DaY of ScHOol!

Bella is so happy to be in public school! She loves that she doesn't have to wear a uniform. And she is even happier that her new teacher doesn't believe in homework. She is in first grade and loving it. We are so proud that she is so smart and grown up! She is her teacher's assistant and "Reader Leader." I am loving that she is so picky - makes me smile that she wants her lunch from home everyday. She will even ask me if I remembered to put her love note in her lunch box every morning on the way out the door. How could I forget?! :) SO proud of her and SO lucky to be her momma.

Swim Buddies

Coley and Ruthie are peas in a pod! Love that little cousins are so close!


Cole and Chanel trying out new goggles for summer swimming. Can't stop laughing. They are so full of giggles whenever they play.

Papa Jeff and the Boys...

Just catching up on a few (or a lot!) of missed memories... This is when my Dad Jeff was in town... Cute holding his little guys Cruzie and Baby Jack. Dad rolls into town in his amazing RV. The kids all call it "The Bus" and they would be so happy if they could live on it! He is a celebrity as far as they are concerned.