Saturday, December 29, 2007


After visiting the Nativity, we went to Pizza Factory (a family favorite!) for dinner. While trying to entertain so many kiddies in a restaurant can be a bit on the challenging side, we always end up having a great time.

These photos do a great job at showing Cole and Capris' little LOVE-HATE relationship. They are either the very best of friends and inseparable or at eachothers throats the whole time! They were holding hands without being prompted. Pretty cute...


I, like so many others am playing catch up, trying desperately to post all the christmas photos before they become passe. We had the neatest experience with the kids this year and plan on making it a tradition - we visited the live nativity in Alpine. We were able to see it the very last night it was running - otherwise I would have alerted all my family and friends that it was a must see... They do it every year -- so I will keep you posted next year! It was incredible... The kids had so much fun seeing (and even petting) a camel, a donkey and sheep up close. There were different representations of normal life during that time - i.e. what it was like to bake bread and make clothing. I think the whole experience made the story really come to life for them. The sweetest part was how reverent they became when entering the barn where "Mary" and "Joseph" held their "Baby Jesus." The children all stood so quietly and were mesmerized by the little scene. It was a really tender and special memory for our family and the perfect reminder of what we really celebrate on Christmas.

I know this seems like a funny little photo, but I couldn't resist documenting a dream fulfilled for little Coley. He LOVES school buses. Everyday we drive Bella to school in PG and we spot four or five on the way out. He ALWAYS asks, "Is that my bus? I want to go on a bus!" Well, for the nativity they make you park your car at a church and they bus you up to the location... He was giddy happy. Too cute!

Dave and Shelby and Girls on the bus

They had a real camel!

Our beloved Mimi and Papa

At the very end, we all tried to squeeze into Papa's truck so that we could get back to our cars sooner than having to wait for the bus to pick us up again... So many people in such a tiny space - it had us all giggling the whole way back. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Breakfast with Santa...

McKay's family has the cutest tradition - breakfast with Santa Claus for all the kids. It is so adorable and we look forward to it every year... The kids had a great time. And it totally helps that the Santa is the cutest Santa you have ever seen. I was so excited that Cole was actually into Santa - he didn't scream like last year. It is so special over here -- both the kids are so excited for Christmas.

Bella with Santa

Cole with Santa

Mommy with her very own Santa ;)

To Pose or Not to Pose...

Bella is my poser. She is always game for a photo shoot.
She is so beautiful and is growing up way too fast.

Cole used to be to...and still will occassionally, but this is what I am getting lately. What can I say - Still so cute!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Cole is currently totally into aprons. A fascination I have as well, but somehow a little less appropriate for a toddler boy! :) I am working on finding one that is a little more masculine - maybe some kind of sushi chef or bbq apron? He makes me giggle on a daily basis - just thought that I would give you a sneak peak as to what it is like around here.... I couldn't possibly love him more.