Monday, March 9, 2009

America Onstage - Our First Competition!

We made it through the first of many... Bella's first dance competition! It is so funny that my 6 year-old's schedule is dictating our lives, but it is true! She did great and we are so proud of her. I am still trying to be tech savy and figure out how to post the videos, but for now - just the still shots will have to suffice! :)Isn't she adorable?

So fun -- Another cousin, Caroline, competed at the same competition with her studio. She is a little natural performer and we are so proud of her too!

Bella competed in her first TRIO with Jordan Young and Hallie Rivers to Cheetah Girl's 'Shake your Tailfeather.' They took first place and were awarded a trophy, sash and tiara. YAY!

Bella's advisor Caitlin choreographed her trio and did an amazing job. We love Caitlin!


Jennifer and Jason Young said...

so proud of Bella. She is a natural performer with star quality like her parents! xoxo

Lisanne Lee said...

She is SOOOO amazing! You two make a dynamite gene pool. I'm so proud to be her auntie. Can't wait to see her perform in real life. What an experience!

Love you to pieces.


Kelie said...

how cute is she!! seriously, getting so big! And I can't believe Cruz too, what a sweetie, and growing so fast! love and miss you...think about you all of the time! xoxo

Ash said...

Steph Bella is so darling. I bet she is so amazing at dance. How neat they took first place. I love it. She is beautiful. Little Cruz is totally going to look like his Mom. Blonde hair blue eyed. I have a special place in my heart for blonde hair blue eyed boys. Thanks for your comments about East, your too sweet. It was neat seeing you guys. You are always such a darling fam.