Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pregnant AND Homeless :)

Hi family and friends! Just a quick update -- we ARE still alive! I apologize for being a lame blogger lately, but let's be honest -- we have been CRAZY!!! The Parade of Homes is almost over (whew!) and we have been bouncing from house to house living with different family members as all of our furniture is currently at the Parade Home. (Tried the air mattress at our house and wasn't loving it! :)) Getting the house ready for the parade was definitely an adventure, but I am SO happy it is over with! Hopefully you all had a chance to see it - I think all of our hard work and team work paid off! I love it... I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone that helped us during our crazy week - Lisannie and Mom were UNBELIEVEABLE and Kate totally took my kids overnight! BIG deal no matter what, but she gets extra points because she has three of her own -- Five kids under Five? She deserves a medal! :)Trish and Jesse full on picked up giant rugs and art and drove in the rain to deliver them! Who does that? There are too many people to name, but I have Thank Yous coming for all of my amazing helpers. Friends and family dropped everything to rescue me and help - From the bottom of my heart -- THANK YOU!
The kids are doing great in "vacation mode" - it is hard to keep a schedule when you aren't at your own home and they don't have their own space. I am so glad that it is summer and that we have realitively no strict timelines to deal with just yet. Things feel totally wild, but no complaints - we have so much to be grateful for.
More importantly, we have had a lot happening with my sweet sister-in-law Shelby, who is four weeks ahead of me pregnant. She started leaking amniotic fluid and is on bedrest. You can read all about her and our nephew Baby Boston at their blog -- . Their little family is amazing and we are praying for them everyday! Boston is a miracle in the making and we have so much faith that he will make it here!
Thank you for all of your love and support. I promise that we will be up and going again soon... OR if not soon - as soon as I can! Loves to all... xxoo


Trish said...

The house is gorgeous and well worth all of the heart ache...I hope! You know we would drop anything and everything for you guys! Love you so much! xoxo

JR and Kelie said...

so happy to have an are simply amazing and wish i could have been there to help too! i hope you get a relaxing break soon, i think you might just be past due for one. we are praying for shelby and boston, he's such a miracle to still be here. keep me posted. love you much!!

p.s. i heard it's a boy!! congratulations!!! hope all is well and healthy! xoxo

Sarah & Ty said...

Wow!! you have a lot going on. ANd I hope you are feeling good with all of this! We went to your house (first stop on the parade list) and LOVE IT! I really love all the unique touches & the courtyard is awesome. And the craft room. How can I get one of those get-aways?? Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just one more thing: Mac promised me you'd make a chocolate cake with chocolate chips in it...I think I deserve it after all the cookies. :) Ok, I just want it sometime in the next 6 months.

Bree aka Breeza said...

Hi Lovie! I miss you. So sorry I totally ditched and went to colorado during your most crazy week ever...bad friend. I will make it up to you. You are amazing, I love you so much, I will keep you and Shelby in my prayers. xxXoooO

Ash said...

Steph wow simply amazing. You have a great group of people around you and I am greatfull for that. You looked beautiful today. I look up to you a ton. Nice work on everything. I am so glad you can maybe breath for a minute. Have so much fun in Jackson Hole. Love you.