Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Jack

My sister Jen had her baby boy! You have to understand that he is #4 - with THREE older sisters. He for sure will be the most amazing husband and man ever with all their training! :) I had the girls that afternoon after stealing them from their auntie Amber and I have to say - I loved the anticipation! Rachel is 8 yrs. old and was pacing or sitting on the edge of her seat the entire time I had her. It was so cute to watch their sweet excitement. Jen is amazing and went au natural and sans drugs. (She did it first and I followed suit.) I am in awe of the beautiful and super mom she is. She was just a week away from delivering and threw Bekah the most beautiful vintage Barbie birthday party anyone has ever seen! I will be sure to remind her how much her mom loves her for the rest of her life! :) I love you Jen... So happy for your little family. XXOO


Isaac and Becky said...

You are too cute! I love how your 8 year old niece was pacing waiting for her baby to be born. How fun!

I didnt now you went au natural...crazy girl! I will have to hear all about that one on our next date night :)

Amelia Smith said...

how exciting for Jen!
she gives me hope that someday i could have a boy after 3 girls :)
it's crazy how kate gets all the boys and i get the girls. C'est la vie!
how are you and your family doing?

christensen crew said...

Hey Steph,
Congrats on being an auntie to this tiny little baby boy! SO precious. We are so happy for Jen and Jason! They deserve a sweet little man like him...and I really like his name, Jack. I can't wait to see him in real life! Also, way to go on your nutritionist goal! I want to hear all about it! Miss you lots and Love you, Kate