Thursday, September 20, 2007


Again, playing catch up...Lisannie's birthday was on September 8th...Happy Birthday Lu! For those of you who don't know, Lisanne and I were best friends in high school. The Christensens moved to Alpine our Sophomore year and when I first saw her I thought that she was WAY too beautiful to be sweet. We didn't get close until the summer before our Junior year - then we were inseparable! Boy was I wrong! She is one of the sweetest, genuine and most caring people that you will ever meet. Lisanne has a special light about her - one that makes it impossible for anyone that meets her not to love her instantly. She is as beautiful inside as she is on the out (WOW! I know...) She is responsible for McKay and I -- she set us up and was even my partner in crime while we dated in secret! She is incredibly talented in too many areas to list and she has the voice of an angel. If you haven't heard her sing -- it could change your life... Instant water works for me - almost every time! She is a doting wife and the perfect mommy to baby Cha Cha. We love and adore you Lulu and feel so blessed to have you in our lives!
ps...This photo is really old... Lulu will prolly be wondering "When was that?!" But I still love it!


Katie and Steve said...

We love you too Lu!

Engineer: martha griffiths; Conductor: j. bradley griffiths; Restless Riders: norah corinna, lucia louise, j. abram; On the Caboose: tequila the foxdog said...

Anyone named Lulu must be wonderful!

Lisanne Lee said...

Oh Steph, you're such an angel sister...always giving me WAY more credit than I deserve. Thank you. Tears rolling down my cheeks! I love you much more than you'll ever know. You're birthday is coming up and it will soon be my turn to put you in the hot seat!

I adore you...and yes...I too salivate over cooking ranges!

Andrea Skousen said...

Ditto on everything about Lis! I feel so lucky to have her as a friend.

Your blog is so incredibly cute Steph. You all look like models... It's so fun to keep in touch this way.