Sunday, June 28, 2009


Cole cracks me up on a regular basis... Here are just a few of his latest...

"Mom, Cha Cha says she wants to marry me. I know we are cousins, but I think its okay."

Then, Mac and I were downstairs watching a movie when we heard Cruz start screaming. He was down for a nap in our bedroom upstairs and Cole had been playing in the loft outside our room. Fishy business for sure. Mac walked in the room to find a small soccer ball in bed with Cruz.

Mac: "Cole! Did you throw this soccer ball in Cruz's bed?!"

Cole: "Someone did..."

Mac: "Cole..."

Cole: "I did it!"

He has the most mischievous twinkle in his eye. He is lucky he is so cute - he absolutely melts my heart! Who can stay mad at a face like his? We are so lucky...


tiff and chris johnson said...

did you tell him it's also okay for him to move in with his aunt and uncle in california?? He and cha cha can move in and we'll be the best dysfunctional family in the west! I love that boy..almost more than my own husband.

Keelee said...

He truly has "theee" cutest little face!! He is such a funny little guy! It was fun seein you today. xoxo