Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More from the mouth of Coley....

My kids study the halloween costume catalogs for hours at a time. The latest one -- Wishcraft -- came in the mail this week and it has gone everywhere with us. Both kids insist on circling their choices and writing their name next to it on the page. Only problem is they change their mind a HUNDRED times before October rolls around. We have to discuss it at every opportunity and somehow they are most attracted to the elaborate expensive types. So funny... This week Cole wants to be "Mozzorrah" -- which translated in real life is ZORRO. (I think it is an odd combo of Mosiah and Zorro - not sure where he got it, but makes me laugh every time!)

Cousins Capri and Addie are over playing today... After doors slamming and a small yelling spell, we hear Coley tell Capri - "Heavenly Father doesn't like scratching!"
Totally. :)

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