Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cole Says...

According to Cole, "Raccoons eat turtles."
It has me wondering where and when that takes place... Where are they in the same environment? Mac was teasing him and asked if they even eat the shell; to which Cole replied, "No. They don't eat the shell." So confident and completely serious. Ha! I love him.


Nikki said...

That's so funny! Turtles are pretty slow. And raccoons not so nice. Maybe Cole has something there.

tam & eric battles said...

hey steph, just saw your beautiful fam pics on beacky's blog! so amazing! love cole's big bow tie! hope you and the fam are doing well!

Amy Buhler said...

oh my gosh cole is so smart!! raccoons totally do eat turtles!! not a lie. promise.

Ankita (Gg) said...

I just chanced upon your blog and it's very pretty. I love it. :)
I don't know about the racoons, though.

hapi said...

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